Question 5

Based on what you can see, which of the following could be causes of tsunamis in this image? (Choose all that apply.)

Click on red boxes to zoom-in. There may be more or fewer correct answers than there are zoom-ins.

Topography and bathymetry of some of the Aleutian Islands and a nearby subduction zone. Satellite image of a volcano in the Aleutian Islands. Satellite image of an inlet on an island in the Aleutians.

The correct answers are A, B, C, and D. These are the Aleutian Islands in southwest Alaska. A subduction zone with a steep dropoff lies nearby, and volcanoes dot the islands. Steep-sided inlets are found on the south side. As a result, subduction zone earthquakes, submarine landslides, volcanoes, and subaerial landslides are possible tsunami causes in this area.